Hexagon socket head bolt

  • Product name:Hexagon socket head bolt
  • Classification:Bolt series
  • Linkman:Kylinx
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    Executive standardGB70.1、ANSI B18.6.3
    Product specificationMetric system m8-m48, un1 / 4-4
    Material / grade4.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, 35 × 35CrMo, B16, A193 gr.b7, A193 gr.b7m, A193 gr.b8, A193 gr.b8m, A320 gr.l7, A320 gr.l7m, A2 (304) series, A4 (316) series, 660 series F51, F53 F55 nickel base alloy materials, etc
    Product description

    Products are used in petrochemical, engineering, chemical, mechanical, nuclear power and other fields.

    Product surface treatment: PTFE (Teflon), nickel (Ni), galvanizing passivation, galvanizing nickel, Dacromet, cadmium and more than ten categories, can adapt to the requirements of different corrosive environment.